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there are quite a few blogs out there worthier than mine, simply because they are a bit more consistent in their posting frequency. but you'll see that I have a few things to be proud of, dabbling in quilting, and other needle arts.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cross-stitch projects completed 2009

Here are two projects that I completed this last year, 2009. The undersea item, Porthole to Paradise, was actually something that my DH started a long time ago, before children. He did about the first top half, and then over the years I would pick it up now and again and work on the rest of it. This last November, I got it back from someone I had asked to finish it--she herself has a busy family, so was not able to get to it, which I understand completely! Anyway, having been home with sick children, it seems they are taking turns, I had some time to work on it, and finally completed the backstitch outlining. Voila! Now I have to get it blocked, matted, and framed.

The other is the "Every Herb" project, which I lost the original stamped cross-stitch fabric, but have the pattern and floss (go figure). Again, something from before children. Can you tell I am in a cleaning out, purging mode?? If it isn't going to be finished and enjoyed, it must go.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Quilted Advent Calendar

Here is our family's Advent Calendar. I made another last year for the family of one of our Goddaughters, Anika. The pattern, which I changed a bit, is from Quiltmaker #58, November/December 1997. The inverted triangles under the buttons are little fabric pockets, where the buttons hide until it's time each night to pull one out--the kids have been faithful and attentive to that part!

The hardest part about making this is collecting the buttons! I am a little picky about having to have a star at the top, so not just any buttons will do. Plastic buttons are easier to come by, and less expensive, but you have to pick out the nice ones, like some from Mary Englebreit. Ceramic buttons are nicer, but are harder to come by; good ones are expensive! In the photo you can see the very first ceramic gingerbread boy who started my collection in '97; I found him at The Country Peddler, a fine quilt store that sadly, is no longer around. I just checked my button collection recently, and have enough to make another, but I would have to choose for whom I would make it.

Quilt for my Grandma

Here is a quilt that I made for my Grandma Gwenny, who just turned 87. She has been living in a nursing home/assisted care facility since June. She's not too happy about it, so I had the big idea to make her a quilt, something that might help her know that I think about her every day. It was meant to be more scrappy, but it turned out all right. It had to be an appropriate size, about a lap/throw size, for a few reasons: first, Grandma's not very big in stature; second, it needed to be a quilt that wasn't too big for the bed; third, it needs to be machine-wash size, so that her caregivers can easily clean it, just in case of spills and other senior moments.

The label is from "Make Your Own Quilt Labels!", by Kim Churbuck.  I love her art!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Bug Jar Quilt

This Bug Jar quilt was made from "leftover" pieces from the original bug jar quilt (now a baby quilt). A few additions of bug fabric were necessary, but then I got to use some more "cutesy" bug fabrics, which didn't make the cut when the quilt was originally destined for number one son.
The best part of this project, aside from finally calling it done, is that I got my Janome machine out of the deal. I was working on the machine quilting on my old Kenmore from Sears, a gift from DH in 1994, and the timing or something went bad, so it was not catching the bobbin thread and it was not pretty! Not a good thing to happen when you are 3/4 done with the quilting!! So I brought it to the nearby sewing machine shop, and they didn't know what was wrong without sending it away. And I needed to finish it now!! It's a Christmas present! I have two weeks!! DH said that I should think about a new machine, so I looked, and for the $$ the Janome does what I need.

Bug Jar quilt for my cousin's baby

I've been doing a lot of quilting projects lately, not enough blogging. Here's a little something to celebrate.

A few years ago, 4+, I started collecting fabrics for a bug jar quilt, hoping to also learn foundation piecing for the frog, bug, lizard, and other critter in the critter quilt. Alas, the foundation piecing was a bust for me, perhaps to be taken up again in the future. Then, number one son, who was the intended recipient, decided he was too old for the bug jar concept. He wanted Star Wars. And maybe the bug/frog/lizard quilt could be for the new baby coming in our family. Sigh.

So there it sat, for a few years, a completed top, but no more energy on my part. Then, a few months ago, my cousin and his wife found they were expecting, and nicknamed the little one "Baby Bugg". Aha!

With some unsewing, and a bit of restructuring, the quilt was definitely getting somewhere, and soon!

The label is from "Make Your Own Quilt Labels!" from Kim  Churbuck.  I used fabric markers to color it in, after I traced it.

Thanks to my Auntie, who helped deliver the quilt to the new baby. I was hoping to not have to mail the quilt. The young ones, Grandma, and I drove out to SD to visit said Auntie, then she drove out to CO to visit the new grandbaby. Nice when things work out!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My first follower

What's this?? A follower on my humble blog? I should reward such loyalty with a token. What would said follower appreciate and enjoy, I wonder? Perhaps coasters, or a table runner. Hmmm.

"Did you make that for me?"

Here is one of my quiltmaking cheerleaders. He is always checking out what I am working on, then breaks my heart a tiny bit when he asks, "Did you make that quilt for me? Is that for me?"
I do plan to make a transportation theme quilt for his birthday in a couple of months, as he's already outgrown the crib size train quilt I made for him, which was just a panel that I practiced my machine quilting skills on. I already have some fabrics in mind--the Paisley Party from Red Rooster. Minus the paisley. Paisley patterns are some of my favorite to work with, but it's the complementing fabrics in that line that I'll use--they are not full of flowers, and full of color. Just for him.
I just hope someone doesn't beat me to the ebay store that has the fabric for about 1/2 price compared to the quilt shop.

December 2012:  the transportation quilt is yet unfinished.  However, he was glad to get the Star Wars quilt from his older brother recently.

Snuggle Under the Sunset

Snuggle Under the Sunset is what I called this one. I usually don't name my quilts, but rather the label states businessy details, such as my name, who it was made for, the year, etc. This quilt was made for a friend's baby. I love the batiks in it. It was a bit hard to give it, but I feel that way about each quilt, and take comfort that someone is curling up in it.

Friday night

So the week passed by, kids starting at new schools, a wee bit of drama in the family, and we all survived. Yay!

I did also complete the blocks I committed to making in a 9-patch block swap. Can't wait to send them, after checking with the participants about a few things. And then it's time to watch the mail for their blocks.

Technically, right now it is Saturday morning, 1 am. I do think I need to get to bed. And maybe, if the blog fairy is nice to me, she'll grant me a follower on my blog. What shall I put under my pillow? A quilt block?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kokopeli's Night Dance

Quilt I made for my father last Christmas, sort of a Christmas/birthday present combo for his November birthday. Made with batiks and black fabric. The backing is a batik with gold Kokopelis and stars all over a black background.
The pattern was a strip pattern, originally shown in Christmas colors as a wreath.
This quilt has a bamboo batting. That stuff is smooth like a baby's bottom! Talk about soft, it almost seems a waste to put something that nice inside the quilt where you can't really feel it.

hello from the newbie

Hello, anyone who may be reading this. I am starting a blog, and only half-way know what I am doing. 'sokay, though, I am one to learn things the hard way. :)