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Monday, December 28, 2009

Cross-stitch projects completed 2009

Here are two projects that I completed this last year, 2009. The undersea item, Porthole to Paradise, was actually something that my DH started a long time ago, before children. He did about the first top half, and then over the years I would pick it up now and again and work on the rest of it. This last November, I got it back from someone I had asked to finish it--she herself has a busy family, so was not able to get to it, which I understand completely! Anyway, having been home with sick children, it seems they are taking turns, I had some time to work on it, and finally completed the backstitch outlining. Voila! Now I have to get it blocked, matted, and framed.

The other is the "Every Herb" project, which I lost the original stamped cross-stitch fabric, but have the pattern and floss (go figure). Again, something from before children. Can you tell I am in a cleaning out, purging mode?? If it isn't going to be finished and enjoyed, it must go.

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