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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Bug Jar Quilt

This Bug Jar quilt was made from "leftover" pieces from the original bug jar quilt (now a baby quilt). A few additions of bug fabric were necessary, but then I got to use some more "cutesy" bug fabrics, which didn't make the cut when the quilt was originally destined for number one son.
The best part of this project, aside from finally calling it done, is that I got my Janome machine out of the deal. I was working on the machine quilting on my old Kenmore from Sears, a gift from DH in 1994, and the timing or something went bad, so it was not catching the bobbin thread and it was not pretty! Not a good thing to happen when you are 3/4 done with the quilting!! So I brought it to the nearby sewing machine shop, and they didn't know what was wrong without sending it away. And I needed to finish it now!! It's a Christmas present! I have two weeks!! DH said that I should think about a new machine, so I looked, and for the $$ the Janome does what I need.

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