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Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Did you make that for me?"

Here is one of my quiltmaking cheerleaders. He is always checking out what I am working on, then breaks my heart a tiny bit when he asks, "Did you make that quilt for me? Is that for me?"
I do plan to make a transportation theme quilt for his birthday in a couple of months, as he's already outgrown the crib size train quilt I made for him, which was just a panel that I practiced my machine quilting skills on. I already have some fabrics in mind--the Paisley Party from Red Rooster. Minus the paisley. Paisley patterns are some of my favorite to work with, but it's the complementing fabrics in that line that I'll use--they are not full of flowers, and full of color. Just for him.
I just hope someone doesn't beat me to the ebay store that has the fabric for about 1/2 price compared to the quilt shop.

December 2012:  the transportation quilt is yet unfinished.  However, he was glad to get the Star Wars quilt from his older brother recently.

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