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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

other things finished this summer

Before I forget, I should add that I worked on some other things this summer.  Of course, I'll put up pictures of those as well.  I made two quilted totes, one for me, one for DD.  Both are made from batiks, and have to be seen to be appreciated.  Thanks to Quilts and More Summer 2010 for the pattern.

I had found a pattern for a needle holder on someone's blog, but then failed to locate the said blog again (after numerous attempts).  I finally decided that I am smart enough to figure one out for myself, so also completed a quilted needle holder (almost like a book or folder) with wool felt "pages" for the needles, and some pockets.  I use it all the time, and love having a place to put a needle (not just some random piece of fabric, not the magnet, not the tomato pincushion where they get pushed in, not the package needle came from), and knowing where the needles are.  Such joy from such a small thing.

These first two pics are Grace's bag, back and front.

These are pics of my bag, back and front.

The dolphin/fish batik was a gift from a friend many years ago.  I finally found a good use for it.  I try not to save things so much now, and rather want to make use of them.

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