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Monday, August 9, 2010

new bath mat

I checked out a few books from the library, and love "Handmade Home" by Amanda Blake Soule.  She has a lot of ideas for repurposing items that you likely have around the house. 

Our rubber-backed bath mat is falling apart, mostly because I have to wash it a few times a week as the family dachshund uses it for potty when nobody notices she needs outside.  Or when it's raining and she doesn't even try to tell anyone.  I am not loving the rubber backed type rugs anyway, because they smell bad when wet, and take a long time to dry!

Amanda has this project in her book to use a towel that is no longer being used, and some fabric--perhaps sheets that aren't used anymore either.  I took advantage of the possibility that I'd find something at our church thrift sale, and I found a towel bath mat (the size of a bath mat, but made out of the loopy towel material), and a really cool print on cotton, but thicker than quilting fabric.

The mat cost $.50, and the fabric $1.  Not bad!  And no more yucky rubber smell.

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